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Наша "Собака Баскервилей" - взгляд из Англии и другие взгляды

den78ru: http://alek-morse.livejournal.com/16120.html#cutid1 Вот такой форум. Прочитал - ничего непонял. Снова перечитал...- сложно. Вижу, что многие с форума 221.b там уже побывали...

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Alexander Orlov: Я послал Питеру Блау наше обсуждение на форуме: http://221b.borda.ru/?1-10-0-00000009-000-10001-0#025 и ниже http://bibliothecary.squarespace.com/bibiliothecaryblog/2007/5/4/comrade-holmes.html : "A PBS station in the DC area plays them regularly, but I haven't seen them in my neck of the woods". The entire series was broadcast 2 or 3 times, with English subtitles. It was said on their website someting like: "If you turn off the sound then you will get an impression of watching the BBC movie". http://www.mhznetworks.org/programming/shows/744 has (or had) a clip of the fight between Holmes and Moriary. http://detectivesbeyondborders.blogspot.com/2007/09/gold-mine-of-international-crime_18.html : "In the past, we have shown the Russian Sherlock Holmes adaptations, and almost all of the Mankell/Wallander movies and mini-series. We will soon resume showing all the Swedish adaptations/extensions from the novels about Martin Beck." By the way, do you know if Maslennikov had to shorten the episodes down to the Western format of 52 minutes for the show in the National Film Theatre on 6 July 1984? A Russian website asserts that the Maslennikov movie had drawn the attention of BBC at a Monte Carlo festival, and that BBC bought it after that. и он ответил, что не знает, укорачивал ли Масленников, но что вряд ли, потому что Би-би-си не вставляет рекламу, что фильм действительно рекламировался на фестивале в Монте-Карло, но что о покупке неизвестно, и еще интересные сведения о западных тогдашних откликах: MHz is not PBS . . . and no PBS station in the DC area has ever aired the Livanov/Solomin series. But (from my notes): The Washington-area MHz station is WNVC-TV (Falls Church, Virginia), and MHz did broadcast some of the programs: "Acquaintance and Blood Inscription" [Stud/Spec], "Deadly Struggle" [Fina], "Tiger Hunt" [Empt], and "The Twentieth Century Begins" [Engr/Seco/Last/Bruc], with English subtitles and with commentary by Michael Jeck, broadcast by WNVC-TV (Falls Church), 2005-2007. As for Monte Carlo, the series seems to have been promoted there, but I'm not aware that the BBC purchased it: Joe Steeples reported ([London] Daily Mail, Feb. 15, 1982) that a series of seven 80-minute specials filmed "in the old quarter of Riga on the Baltic coast" was promoted by the Soviets at the Monte Carlo television festival. Also: Science Fiction Chronicle, July 1982 (Stephen Jones/Jo Fletcher). As for the National Film Theatre, only the first part was shown, and I don't know how long it was. But there would have been no need to worry about the Western format, because the BBC doesn't broadcast commercials. There's no mention of how long the screening was, either in the program or in the review: The first part of "The Hound of the Baskervilles" was shown at the National Film Theatre in England on July 6, 1984. Held: program notes. Reference (held): SHJ, summer 1985, v. 17, n. 2, p. 36 (Derek Hinrich).

Алек-Morse: Alexander Orlov пишет: http://www.mhznetworks.org/programming/shows/744 has (or had) a clip of the fight between Holmes and Moriary. Вот об этой ссылке (которой уже нет) я и говорил. Действительно, там был клип с борьбой у Рейхенбахского водопада. ...показали только первую часть... "Действительно, всё это очень странно" (с)

Alexander Orlov: Спросил его еще, что ему известно про первые показы в других странах. Ответил про ГДР, Болгарию и Израиль: I don't have a lot of information, and what I have may not be about the first broadcast: Some programs were broadcast (dubbed into German) in East Germany from 1983 to 1986 (a friend in West Germany recorded these and sent me videocassettes, and that was when I first saw the series). Two programs were broadcast in Bulgaria in Aug. 1989. The series was broadcast (in Russian) in Israel in 1995. And (alas) the Internet Movie Data base has nothing other than the year in Russia. I assume you know that the programs were rebroadcast in 2000, with additional material about Conan Doyle (played by Alexei Petrenko).

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