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ИХ мнения о НАШЕМ Холмсе (продолжение)

Sascha: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0079902/ The best Sherlock Holmes movie ever made, 16 October 2004 Author: rainfall When you visit museum of Sherlock Holmes in London, Baker St., first thing that you see on the second floor is a number of pictures of all actors who ever played Holmes in the movies, and in the middle of that compilation you can see the biggest photo - the photo of Vasiliy Livanov. All world cinematographers (including British ones) have admitted that Vasiliy Livanov is the best Sherlock Holmes that ever appeared on screen. And it is true. There were made several movies about the adventures of Sherlock Holmes and Dr.Watson for Russian TV in the late 70-ies and early 80-ies, including such films as The Meeting, The Hound of the Baskervilles, Bloody Script and many more (about 10 total number). Livanov as Sherlock, Vitaliy Solomin as Watson, Rina Zelenaya as Mrs.Hudson, Borislav Brondukov as Inspector Lestrade all make these series directed by Igor Maslennikov an all-time masterpiece. Almost all of actors started their careers in theaters (Livanov, Solomin and Zelenaya continued giving performances even after their success on the big screen) which gave films amazing atmosphere of reality. The images of old London were carefully reconstructed in Baltic cities almost untouched by time which gave movies a lot of similarities with real XIX century London. All movies (it wouldn't be right to call them episodes) are set on very high level, and from the opening unforgettable music score they charm every viewer. It's very hard to distinguish the best film of the series, every of them has something unique. The Hound of the Baskervilles for example has the greatest number of participating celebrities, including Nikita Mikhalkov (internationally known for directing and playing in such movies like An Unfinished Piece for Mechanical Piano, The Barber of Siberia, Oscar-winning Burnt by the Sun etc.), Oleg Yankovskiy (Nostalgia by Tarkovskiy), Evgeniy Steblov and many more. This set of movies is a must-see for everyone whether you've read the book or not. It's rather difficult to find these movies with English subtitles but they exist and trust me, they worth searching for them. 10 out of 10 for all films. http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0001WHYOC/002-8324332-0750448?v=glance&n=130 Surpasses any Holmes series made in the West, September 14, 2005 Reviewer: horatia nelson (UK) - See all my reviews This DVD is fantastic. The scripts are brilliantly written and faithful to the books but with added touches of the scriptwriter's own, all of which work wonderfully. The cast are excellent and Livanov makes a wonderful Holmes, playing him with just the right balance of humanity and arrogance. However, it is the casting of Watson which means this series stands out from the many others made. He's young! He's intelligent! He has depth! And, good heavens, Holmes treats him as an equal. The chemistry between Vasily Livanov and the late Vitaly Solomin is amazing and brings the sense of fun and friendship in the books to the small screen, especially as Livanov's Holmes teases Watson quite frequently. The sets and locations make a remarkably convincing Victorian England and it is obvious that the series has been very well researched. Holmes even writes his farewell note to Watson in English. Talk about attention to detail - the great detective would be impressed! The Reichenbach sequence and Holmes's return are very moving and illustrate the care with which this series was made. An absolutely brilliant series, even if you don't speak Russian. Sherlock Holmes from Russia..., July 2, 2004 Reviewer: Peter (Vladivostok, Russia) - See all my reviews Once the Englsh prime minister Margareth Tatcher said, that russian Sherlock Holmes was the best one... She was speaking about classical russian tv miniseries "The adventures of Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson" or "Priklyuchenia Sherloka Kholmsa I Doctora Watsona". It contained 5 sets of two or three episodes each. The third set "Hound of Baskervilles" was aknowledged to be the best version of Conan Doyle's stories. That is true! You know why? The atmosphere of Victorian England is just magnificent, i can say the same thing about the atmosphere of a classical detective. These tv versions are almost perfect, especially we can say this about the original score and cast. Once you see Vasiliy Livanov acting and you'll never imagine any other actor playing this part. This disc represents the second set "The King of Blackmail" and it contains three wonderfull episodes telling us a story of professor's Moriarty and Sherlock Holmes duel. If you are a real SH fan you have to see this movie: it would be a real SH pearl in your collection.

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Ashka: Бейкер-стрит 122b роль Никиты Михайлова Опечатки Ваши или автора? Про Таллинн и Питер - ни слова А в целом - очень занимательно! Алек-Morse, памятник Вам нерукотворный!

maut: Ashka пишет: Про Таллинн и Питер - ни слова Наблюдательный автор считает что все снимали в Риге, даже реку (хотя мне больше про Ленфильм версия больше понравилась ) В общем каша в голове у автора. про памятник целиком и полностью разделяю.

Алек-Morse: maut пишет: Просветите автора насчёт Риги, м? А давайте тоже считать, что гонки катеров снимались на Даугаве

Алек-Morse: Ashka пишет: Опечатки Ваши или автора? Авторское, фирменное, из рецензии. Правда-правда Спасибо за памятник. Уже такой есть в Екатеринбурге - в честь ШХ и ДВ

Pinguin: Алек-Morse, спасибо. Впечатление от статьи действительно несколько сумбурное. Что автор хотел сказать? Что декорации похожи или что они повторяются? А ещё он на короткой ноге с мистером Холмсом и 13 раз называет его просто Шерлок. так автору пришлось уступить под фанатским давлением, и начать сочинять фанфики по мотивам своего творения Это безусловно перл. АКД сочинял фанфики про Холмса и вступил в свой собственный фан-клуб. Сериал называется «Приключения Шерлока Холмса и доктора Ватсона» – в название добавлен доктор Ватсон предупреждая нас о том, что перед нами не дословная экранизация, не один-к-одному Тоже перл. В Каноне не было никакого Ватсона, его придумал Масленников. Про вокзал не понял. Про особняки с большой парадной лестницей тоже. Отдельное спасибо будет тому, что объяснит, чем ему "СБ" напомнила Тарковского.

Михаил Гуревич: Pinguin пишет: Отдельное спасибо будет тому, что объяснит, чем ему "СБ" напомнила Тарковского. Локацией съёмочного процесса. Алек-Morse пишет: Спасибо за памятник. Уже такой есть в Екатеринбурге - в честь ШХ и ДВ Точно-точно!

Алек-Morse: Pinguin пишет: Отдельное спасибо будет тому, что объяснит, чем ему "СБ" напомнила Тарковского. Михаил Гуревич пишет: Локацией съёмочного процесса. Именно. Кстати, недавно я тоже провёл параллель между "СБ" и "Сталкером". Однако - да, автор рецензии иногда позволяет себе перлы для перцу.

Михаил Гуревич: Алек-Morse пишет: Однако - да, автор рецензии иногда позволяет себе перлы для перцу. Янычарская кровь играет

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