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Общественные события времен Холмса

МАКСИМ: Читая истории Холмса,иногда можно заметить отображения тех или иных важных общественных событий конца 19 века,отображенных в тексте. Например, Первая мировая война...или даже сама история Джека Потрошителя так или иначе повлияла на творчества Дойля. Или, скажем, Холмс упоминает "известного норвежского ученого Сигерсона" - а ведь это не иначе как Фритьоф Нансен, за путешествием которого на судне "ФРАМ" следила вся прогрессивная общественность Европы и Америки. Может еще что то заметили?

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Alexander Orlov: Что еще произошло в 1896 году (кроме дела "Жилички под вуалью"): What else happened in 1896: EMPIRE Jameson Raid in South Africa; British negotiations with Boers (to 1899) fail. Kaiser's telegram to Kruger, congratulating him on the defeat of the Jameson Raid. Matabele Revolt suppressed (1896 - 97). Protectorate established in Sierra Leone and East Africa. Start of Kitchener's campaign against the Madhi in the Sudan (1896 - 99). Anglo-French treaty settles boundaries in Siam. Sudanese railway extended to Wadi Haifa. Widespread famine in India, to 1897. BRITAIN Hotel Cecil, the Strand, built. National Portrait Gallery moves to present site in Trafalgar Square. Beginning of period of rising prices and falling wages (until 1914). Truck Act: regulates deductions from wages or fines for bad workmanship. Conciliation Act: boards can settle industrial disputes if both sides are willing. First all-steel English building erected at West Hartlepool. Locomotives Act: repeal of "Red Flag" restriction; maximum speed raised to 14 mph. Royal Victorian Order founded as Personal Order of Sovereign. WORLD First modern Olympic Games are held at Athens. Utah admitted as state in the U.S. France annexes Madagascar. State visit of Tsar Nicholas to France (Paris). Van Houten's Franchise Bill extends the Dutch franchise. French Tunisian protectorate recognized by Italy. Italians are defeated by Menelek of Abyssinia at Adowa, resulting in Treaty of Addis-Ababa and end of Italian protectorate. Massacre of Armenians by Kurds and Circassians supported by the Sultan. Insurrection in Crete against Turkish rule. Beginning of the Klondike Gold Rush. Foundation of Russo-Chinese Bank. Cassini Treaty: China gives Russia the right to build a railway through Manchuria to Port Arthur. Russian newspapers granted temporary licenses; imported books and newspapers are strictly censored. First public film exhibition, in U.S. ART Wells publishes Island of Dr. Moreau. Gilbert and Sullivan debut The Grand Duke. Giacomo Puccini debuts La Bohème at Turin. Toulouse-Lautrec paints Maxime Dethomas. R. Strauss debuts Also Spracht Zararhustra. SCIENCE Antoine Henri Becquerel, observes radiation from uranium affects photographic plates; discovery of radioactivity. Nobel Prizes started, for physics, physiology or medicine, chemistry, literature, furtherance of the cause of peace. Guglielmo Marconi demonstrates on Salisbury Plain the practicability of wireless telegraphy. Emile Achard first describes paratyphoid fever. Samuel Langley (U.S.), successfully flies a steam-driven model aircraft. Rehn, of Frankfort, sutures a heart wound; beginning of heart surgery. Zeeman observes that light emitted by a substance placed in a magnetic field undergoes changes. Earliest record of water chlorination, during typhoid outbreak in Italy.

Alexander Orlov: Что еще произошло в 1881 году, кроме "Этюда в багровых тонах" (кроме "Знакомства"): What else happened in 1881: EMPIRE Sudanese Revolt under Mahdi, war in the Sudan (1881 - 98). India reaches 253 million. Britain suffers defeat by the Boers at Laing's Neck and Majuba Hill, and grants Transvaal self-government. British North Borneo Company chartered. Stanley founds Leopoldville in the Congo. BRITAIN Second Irish Land and Coercion Acts, Land Courts to fix fair rents. Bradlaugh reelected; ejected from Commons by ten policemen. Report of Royal Commission on agricultural depression. Flogging is banned by the British Army and Navy . London’s population is 3.3 million. The Savoy Theatre is built in London. Queen's College, Dundee, Founded; becomes part of St. Andrews University in 1953. Disraeli (Lord of Beaconsfield) dies. Thomas Carlyle, British historian, dies. National History Museum at Kensington in London opens. Leadenhall Market opens Natural History Museum opens Leyton Orient football team formed. WORLD Jewish pogroms in East Europe. Tsar Alexander II of Russia accepts Melikov's proposal for a Consultative Committee for reform, is assassinated on tha same day. James A. Garfield, 20th U.S. President, shot and wounded; died two months later. Russia captures Denghil-tepe; strenghtens influence in Turkestan. Japanese promised a constitution and national parliament before 1891. French Ministry of Agriculture established. The Barnum and Bailey Greatest Show on Earth Circus is created. National Society of the Red Cross is established. De Lesseps and Gustave Eiffel, French engineers, begin construction of the Panama Canal. U.S. Supreme Court establishes income tax is constitutional. France invades Tunis; occupies Bizerta; Treaty of Bardo establishes protectorate over Tunis; Italians hostile. Franco-British intervention secures most of Thessaly and part of Epirus for Greece. Serbia and Austria sign secret treaty. Liberty of public meeting and press granted in France. Tidal wave in China kills 300,000 people. Completion of St. Gotthard Tunnel linking Göschenen and Airolo, Switzerland. Prince Alexander of Bulgaria Suspends Organic Laws; takes absolute power for seven years. ART Nietzche's Aurora Mark Twain publishes The Prince and the Pauper. Monet’s painting, Sunshine and Snow exhibited. Gilbert and Sullivan's Patience debuts. Tales of Hoffmann completed after Offenbach's death. Dostoevsky dies. Revised Version of the New Testament. Flaubert's Bouvard et Pécuchet, published posthumously. Anatole France's Le Crime de Sylvestre Bonnard published. Ibsen's Ghosts, a drama dealing with venereal disease debuts. SCIENCE Electricity exhibition in Paris. Hiram Maxim invents a self-regulating electrical generator. Michelson invents an instrument to measure distance with light waves. Carlos Finlay of Cuba develops theory that mosquitoes carry yellow fever. Koch works on the destruction effect of certain chemicals (disinfectants) on microbes. Louis Pasteur develops anthrax vaccine. Billroth successfully operates on the abdomen.

Рени Алдер: Таки стесняюсь напомнить, но язык форума - русский... И у кнопки "Скрытый текст" нет опции "перевод".

Pinguin: Рени Алдер пишет: язык форума - русский Пожалуй, в следующий раз я сфокусирую на этом внимание с помощью замечания.

Alexander Orlov: Я-то думал, что события года знакомства Ливанова с Соломиным интересны, но если такие люди против, значит, и я против

Pinguin: Alexander Orlov, Νσ χςξ βϋ, βρΈ ύςξ χπεηβϋχΰινξ θνςεπερνξ!

Рени Алдер: Alexander Orlov пишет: Я-то думал, что события года знакомства Ливанова с Соломиным интересны, но если такие люди против, значит, и я против Я думала, Вы работаете с таблетки, а Вы работаете из параллельной Вселенной. Поздравляю

Pinguin: В любом случае, злоупотреблять таблетками не стоит.

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